Awareness against Cybercrime & capacity building

This initiative was taken after a very careful observation of the current scenarios in terms of technological misuse in Bangladesh. To show you some of the reference just to justify this initiative please do follow the data provided below:
Insight Bangladesh Foundation along with Information and Communication Technology Division of the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (ICTD has undertaken a collaborative initiative named “Cyber Nirapotta” to provide services on different cybercrime related issues to the citizens including building awareness, advice to increase security and solving problems with proper diagnosis.

The “Cyber Nirrapotta” program is designed as a nationwide campaign targeting to educate and build up awareness amongst mass people and also specialized sectors towards cyber security, cyber law, cyber safety and safe use of technology. It mainly constitutes of community awareness and empowerment; Increasing public and professional awareness towards Cyber-Crime & Law. The awareness campaign is being conducted nationwide in educational institutes like college, universities and capacity building program for specific sectors like Local Administration and Law Enforcement Agencies initially through events, fairs, workshops , help desk/support centers, road shows and mass communication medias like billboard, banners, festoons etc. and also through national media’s like TV, radio & print media.

The prime objectives of the “Cyber Nirapotta” Program is to Create Awareness against Cyber Crime and ensure Cyber Safety Initiatives. The specific objectives are:

(i) Awareness campaign in 64 districts
(ii) Day long training seminars in 64 districts for the Local Administration, Law Enforcement Agencies, Lawyers, Media Personnel etc.
(iii) Seminars in 73 universities & 128 colleges
(iv) Conduct Online Workshops through :

(v) Providing 24 Hour support through the helpdesk no 01766678888:
(vi) Make recommendations for setting up Cyber Forensic Lab and Cyber Security Task Force.