Mission and Vision


Insight Bangladesh Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an enriched and productive society by virtue of empowerment through proper training, development programs, resource utilization and community awareness. We intend to eradicate illiteracy and put up a strong fight against autism, the needs of educational system and supporting autistic population, its improvement and furthermore, to take education, treatment and support to the door steps of every household of Bangladesh, by the virtue of e-governance and good governance principals.
Our Mission is to build Bangladesh into a resilient, productive, innovative and prosperous nation with a caring society consisting of healthy, happy and well educated people. It is built on the enduring attributes of self-reliance, respect, tolerance equity and integrity. In line with constitutional obligations and international human rights commitments Insight Bangladesh aims that a society should be one in which
1. Every citizen has equal opportunities to achieve his/her fullest potential;
2. All citizens enjoy a quality of life commensurate with the national development stage where quality health care and adequate nutrition are assured for all;
3. All citizens are assured of a modern, sound, and relevant education tailored to meet the human resource needs of a modern, progressive, and technologically advancing nation;
4. Sustainable development is ensured, along with optimal use of all resources;
5. There is respect for the principles of democracy, rule of law, and human rights, ensuring gender equality, the rights of indigenous populations and of all the other disadvantaged people including persons with disability and autism;
6. The diversity and creativity of all people are valued and nurtured.


Insight Bangladesh foundations vision is to build a country that is community engaged, self-reliant and development focused. In terms of education, training and skills development, our Vision is “an informed, knowledge-based, technologically-oriented, gender equitable learning system for all. Every school age boy and girl has access to primary level institutions with the necessary facilities; they also continue in school to receive quality education. All opportunities are provided to pre-primary children, young person; and adults to meet their learning needs in a competitive world, both in formal and non-formal subsectors of education, without any discrimination based on gender, income, ethnicity, livelihood, geographical location, disability, and autism. We intend to bring the total educational system for both regular and autistic children/students of Bangladesh under one central umbrella or collective information Hub from which education can be served to all corners of the country.


Insight Bangladesh Foundation believes in working towards building a strong Nation through empowering people ensuring participation of mass people in their own development and the betterment of the educational, professional and commercial system—one in which every citizen can have access to quality education and resources. Quality education and skilled human resource is the backbone of a strong and developed nation and Insight Bangladesh Foundation promises to strengthen it.


The programs undertaken by Insight Bangladesh Foundation are mainly engineered to empower and enrich civic population aiming to make a difference in the lives of individuals and community by providing programs and services of the highest quality, providing people with opportunities to learn and grow and also fostering intellectual, scientific and cultural development.
Besides the core programs Insight Bangladesh also aims to support and contribute to education in environmental awareness, health and safety awareness and traffic management system development.

Sector Focus

After careful consideration of the country profile Insight Bangladesh Foundation has decided to work on the following sectors alongside and with the support from the government and the other development organizations.

• ICT development
• Human resource development
• Cyber Security Enhancements
• E-governance
• Education
• Autism
• Environment & Disaster management