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Thank you for taking time to go through our Portfolio of Insight Bangladesh Foundation.  Here we research on ICT advancement & technology modulation. We serve at a place where specialization & experience integrates. Our main focus & motive, as an NGO, is to facilitate nation with E-Governance & proper implementation of ICT through good governance.

Today our civil government, our military, our industry, and our entire population work, communicate, and socialize in a cyber-environment that relies on software-reliant global IT architectures, applications, and services.

When the government published the “Cyber Security Strategy” in April 2013, we recognized the need to develop an integrated approach to tackling the threats from the internet and associated technology.  Cyber-crime is no longer about those who seek to access computer systems for fun or to prove it can be done. The criminals behind such crimes are organized and seek to take advantage of those using internet services. Whether this is for financial gain or as threats to children, the effect on the victims can be devastating. The most vulnerable members of our society are all too often the victims-from young people threatened by bullying or sexual predators to the elderly who provide easy prey for the organized fraudsters. We cannot afford to be complacent. The threat from cyber-crime is constantly evolving- with new opportunities to commit ‘old’ crimes in new ways as well as high tech crimes that did not exist five years ago.

Gone are the days of the network merely being a support infrastructure to a few basic organizational and societal functions. Today and in the future, this cyber environment is foundational to and connected with almost everything we do. Our electric power grid relies on it, our telecommunications live within it, our financial system is encompassed by it, and our military operates and fights from it.

Our core purpose is to improve the state-of-the-art in ICT engineering and to transition this work to the community so that we improve the state-of-the-practice as well.  Our work is not done unless we do both parts of our job. Thus, we thank everyone being a part of this & seek blessings from the people of The People’s Republic of BANGLADESH for supporting us.

Kashif A. Khan

Executive Director